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The Broken System.. Would You Hire Your Father?

In our New Economy, it is very common to encounter a 26 year old Hiring Manager. Before 2008 a 26 year old would never have had such a position, at best they would be a Management trainee.
In all honesty.. they do not have enough experience to make such life changing decisions. It’s not their fault it is not luck that gave them that position but the bottom line of the company. If they can pay $30k a year to someone just out of school to be a Manager.. why should they hire a seasoned professional for more than double that salary?.. Well here is why; this situation has created a “Catch 22” paradox. On the one hand we have highly experienced people who cannot get past the young recruiter, because they do not fit in the define new-speak boxes of:
“Best Fit” or “Culture” of the parameters the inexperience decision maker has been given.
While on the other hand.. we have Employers saying they have openings they can’t fill.
It is time the hiring process goes back to what is supposed to be, a Manager has to earn the title and has to have had enough experience to base their decisions on the real value an employee can bring to the Company. The assertion that anyone over 40 is out of touch with new technology or is not a good fit for a Start-Up environment is incorrect.
Have we not learned anything form the crash of the early decade? are going back to the days of the 20 something CEO with no clue of how the business world works. Do we not understand that the people we hold as role models are over 50 and sometimes 60?
It’s time for the decision makers to open their eyes and allow people to earn their way to Management positions, instead of giving them the positions because their salary demands are low.